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Whilst property has always been a passion for me, it wasn’t until fairly recently that I knew I wanted it to become my profession, able to support me and my future family creating the time freedom the shackles of a corporate role couldn’t give me.

Working my way up the career ladder in the corporate world in retail spaces through to offices was exciting at times, but I realised that there was more to life and wealth than just money. Time is the biggest currency we forget about, giving countless hours to our institutions, who might make us redundant for their own needs. What about my needs? What about my desires in life? I decided to take control. Gaining valuable time to spend concentrating on personal goals, travelling, relationships and health provides me with much greater satisfaction.

So I set on my way in 2016, doing up my first home and living with friends, moving on to slightly bigger ventures over the years converting properties, managing them all myself whilst juggling a full time job. It was and still is tough – the journey is not easy so don’t let anyone tell you it is! These were my ‘reactive years’, letting opportunities come to me rather than me being the seeker (Happy Potter pun intended!) and finding the best deals available. I now look onwards to 2024 and beyond where I plan to take a more intentional approach, sharing my knowledge to help you, who is interested to take a similar journey, however early or late on their pathway, to get towards your version of freedom.

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